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The Looky Loo Light was created to provide photographers of all skill levels the ability to achieve the impossible; capture the attention of children during a photo shoot. The Looky Loo Light is a wireless attachment that adjusts to any size SLR camera lens and provides hands free action to attract the eyes of the little ones in your life.

Child photographer Allison Carenza, who sought to solve her own common issues shooting young children, created the idea. “For me it was a no-brainer. You really only have 20 good solid minutes to shoot kids at the younger ages. The Looky Loo Light has helped tremendously. Now I don’t stress about getting that special shot,” says Carenza.

The Looky Loo Light is the first professional grade electronic “distraction” tool on the market. Combining colorful moving lights and integrated sound, the Looky Loo Light is sure to be a hit with your clients or family. The LED lights are designed to be low-light and can be used as part of three on-board patterns.

The Looky Loo Light team is based out of Kansas City, MO and continues to push forward with the Looky Loo Light, hoping to reach full scale production by the end of the year. The team also has plans to engineer a whole line of Looky Loo inspired products for cameras and other multimedia devices.

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Our Team

  1. Allison Carenza
    Allison Carenza
    Founder, Photographer
  2. Ian Cahill
    Ian Cahill
    Business Development
  3. Jon Carenza
    Jon Carenza
    Design & IT

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December 2013

Kansas City’s top innovative idea of 2013

WOW!  The Looky Loo Light was written up in the KC biz journal as one of the top innovative ideas of 2013 in Kansas City!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I don’t know how I keep getting all this love, but I have to believe it’s a sign from the universe to keep on keeping on even when I want to hid my head in the sand when the big decisions get TOO big!

You can read the article here.

December 30, 2013 31

Presentation at Rotary Club

Today I had the honor of being the very first presenter at KC’s startup rewind hosted by the Rotary Club of Overland Park South.  I always enjoy talking about the Looky Loo Light and entrepreneurship in general.  I am super excited to see where startup rewind goes next.  I see big things for this great idea!  So proud to be a part of the entrepreneurship movement happening in KC!  I’ve come to realize that taking on the Looky Loo project is about more than inventing a device to help photographers, it’s about sharing my ideas, inspiring others to pursue their dreams, and making KC an awesome place for businesses to start, grow, and thrive.


December 18, 2013 31
November 2013


With the second prototype done it’s time to start hunting for the perfect manufacturer for the Looky Loo. So many questions. Do we use a plastics manufacturer and an electronics manufacturer? Would it be better to use an electronics manufacturer and have them outsource the plastics? Or should we try to find a one stop shop of sorts? Not sure, just going to keep on keeping on, keeping the conversation open, and learning learning learning.

November 30, 2013 29
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